Vol. 1, Chap. 10: “Holiday 2017 Interruptiganza”


Tis’ the season to be interrupted! This week we get in the spirit (and possibly spirits) and posit whether it’s better to give or receive (an empty box) and then saddle up a reindeer for TWO Christmas-themed stories: “Little Jean” and “A Kidnapped Santa Claus”. In the first story, we meet a little boy who has never even heard of Christmas in the literally unpronouncable country he is from, but somehow he figures it out all on his own. In the second, well – it’s pretty messed up, honestly – but we tackles elves’ rights, stooge-like “demons”, and wackily named creatures like Nuter, Wisk, and Febreze. The whole thing is basically a sourcebook for an incredibly unpopular AD&D setting. And now it’s time to curl up in a sleigh and got your nog on, while we read you this week’s tales.

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