Vol. 1, Chap. 14: “Why Men Don’t Marry”


Alan is fined by the council for pique, and then we are toasted with a tale of scummy romantic misadventure amongst the backdrop of gorgeous Switzerland, home of waiters with outsized importance to stories.  Join us to learn about Lee Lee Sobieski’s poetry, and definitely NOT how to pronounce the word “shemagh.”

“Why Men Don’t Marry” from the book “Frivolous Cupid” by Anthony Hope, author of Prisoner of Zenda.  We totally spaced out on doing our Ronald Coleman impression in this episode, and we’re sorry for that, but you can recreate it by repeating the name “Ronald Coleman” over and over again and successively rolling the R more each time.  

Grab a drink of Kirsch and curl up in your favorite A-frame Swiss chalet, while we read you this week’s tale.

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