Chapter 24 : Don’t Get Technatal


Rob shares a bittersweet family story involving animated balls of dough and naive immigrants followed by a short sci-fi tale from the utopian future of 1975! Will man still be alive? Will women survive? Will robots know how to shake their booty? All of these questions, and, well, not many more, but at least all of these questions will be answered!

“Don’t Get Technatal” was written by science fiction luminary Ray Bradbury under a pseudonym way before he got famous as an author and was the lowly editor of a low-budget, but ultimately influential, fanzine called Futuria Fantasia. It was 1939 and Bradbury decided to riff on the little known and by then pretty much done political movement of Technocracy. Yes, a nerd writing about a future where the nerds have taken over. Who says science fiction is all about wish fulfillment? Bet they feel silly now! So have your robot butler grab your favorite drink and curl up on your knitted couch as we read you this week’s tale.

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