Chapter 25 : The Shock


This episode Alan drops some science about thermocouplers and how important they are in today’s modern homes (hint: you cannot reverse the polarity of a thermocoupler and swing your house around the sun to travel back in time). The we read a seemingly lighthearted story about a baseball player that suddenly takes a swerve into Thrilltown! BTW, if you’ve passed the 7-11 on Chiller Road, you’ve gone too far.

From Wide-Awake Magazine in 1916, “The Shock” by Grant Trask Reeves (about whom little is known except he wrote baseball stories and either had an awesome name or great taste in pseudonyms) is about a drunk major leaguer (who is also a major league drunk) who gets in a bit of a bind with his manager and may have to pay the ultimate price. Is it jail? Being traded to Miami? Only time and this week’s tale will tell! So curl up in your favorite dugout and grab some Big League Chew while we read you this week’s tale.

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