Chapter 26: The Chameleon Man


This thrilling episode: Rob reveals the true heights of his manliness (spoiler alert: ankle deep at best) and we read a science fiction story about a man who can turn invisible and his attempt to help the war effort by starring on the Great White Way!

From the January 1943 issue of Amazing Stories, “The Chameleon Man” by William P. Mcgivern (writer of the film The Big Heat and at least 3 episodes of Kojak) features a man so forgettable that he actually becomes invisible and just wants to join the Army to help the war effort. So our protagonist, a shady talent agent (shocking!), decides the best way to aid him is by taking him straight to Broadway to make a few bucks. Forget sneaking into a bunker to get Hitler, this guy could be stage crew without even wearing black! That’s the perfect use of his abilities, genius! 

This story also includes a long paranthetical about the reality of invisible people from the editors so if you don’t listen to this for the humor, tune in because you might just learn something. It’s like how we watch Spinal Tap as a cautionary tale about the dangers of spontaneous combustion. So grab your favorite clear beverage and curl up in your favorite flesh-toned chair while we read you this week’s tale.

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