E032: Jupiter Napoleon


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First off we’d like to thank everyone who listened to our Live show on May 19th as part of Livestream for the Cure. We raised over $300 for cancer research and had loads of fun! We’ll be putting out a recording of the show as a future special episode, special thanks to the Epic Film Guys podcast for having us and raising over $5,000!

This week’s tale is from the December, 1950 issue of Out of This World Adventures magazine and, boy howdy, is it pulpy sci-fi fun! Jupiter Napoleon has rayguns (with an even dumber name), a femme fatale, evil alien warlords, just about everything you could ever want (unless you’re looking for story about Victorian-era coal miners, I guess it doesn’t have that). It’s a quick listen and if you like Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, or basically life we think you’ll get a kick out of it. Plus you’ll get a free name for any commenting system for life! Jupiter Napoleon: Human of Action!

So join us in the Great Jovian War for some space opera laughs! Oh, and the cover. Please check out the cover on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, it’s worth following us just for the cover!

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