E063: Interrupted Tales LIVE – Printcrime


LIVE FROM SEVERAL DIFFERENT HOUSES, IT’S INTERRUPTED TALES… UM, LIVE! Recorded as part of the 3rd Annual Livestream for the Cure in support of the Cancer Research Institute, we present our latest show. It’ll sound a little different than usual, you’ll hear a few other voices occasionally, but it was all for a good cause. In this episode we interrupt an actual story from the 21st Century, a sci-fi Tale ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, “Printcrime” by author/activist/co-creator of Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow. 

Special thanks to Cory Doctorow for permission to use his story and please check out any of his works, and his latest book Radicalized, on his site DRM-free.  

Special thanks to the Epic Film Guys Podcast, creators and managers of the Livestream for the Cure. This year they raised over $16,000 simply by incredibly hard work. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Plus several weeks without sleep. They have a great podcast and it’s available anywhere you get podcasts now and follow them @epicfilmguys.

And special thanks to you, the listener, for putting up with 63 episodes of this extremely fun to make nonsense!


A quick scheduling reminder: Our next episode will be in exactly two weeks. On the in-between weeks we are releasing our sci-fi comic audiodrama, Parasitecology. We’ll be back weekly after Parasitecology’s 14-episode run. To learn more about Parasitecology, visit our website https://ohthehumanity.com or search in any podcatcher. We’ve gotten some nice feedback and would love to hear from you after you hear from us.

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