E064: How to Get an Air Job


It’s our filthiest episode yet! Get ready for sizzling acti- Wait, it’s about getting a job in the airline industry? And that’s the title? Okay. Well. Folks, get ready for another advice column from the past as we interrupt “How to Get an Air Job” from the August, 1927 issue of Air Stories (this month’s cover story: “The Revenge of Commander Cumulus!”). It’s about how to find work in the amazing new(ish) world of aviation, which pretty much boils down to “learn how to fly in the Army” or “hang around a plane factory looking sad until they give you a job”. So you’ll learn ALL about getting a job fixing, building, and flying planes, which is just as exciting as anything else that title could imply. Unless you’re into that kind of thing. We don’t judge.

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