E073: The White Death


Happy New Year! Unless you’re listening outside of the month of January, in which case carry on. It’s 2020 and in this episode we’re interrupting “The White Death,” a 99 year-old tale of survival all the way from Paraguay! It’s actually all the way from the pages of Pluck and Luck magazine (slogan: “We’re Pluckin’ Luckin’ Good!”) and features a menagerie of threats as a woman fights the dangers of the jungle to protect her daughter. 9 out of 10 Swamp Things agree that this story is a story. The other one is just Swamp Gary and Swamp Gary doesn’t like agreeing.

It’s a new year but you can still listen to our comedy/sci-fi audio drama series, Parasitecology! It’s got aliens, spaceships, work happy hours of doom, trips to the supermarket, and a fugitive alien brain parasite named Cher. It’s a whole lot of story in 14 episodes with each about 25 minutes long. Perfect for binging! To learn more about Parasitecology, visit our website https://ohthehumanity.com or search in any podcatcher. We’ve gotten some nice feedback and would love to hear from you after you hear from us.

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