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Thank you to everyone who made this season of Parasitecology possible! Parasitecology is an indie production that relies heavily on free, low-cost, or open source material wherever possible.  Written and … Continue readingCredits

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If you are interested in writing about Parasitecology or interviewing us about its creation and production, we’d love to hear from you!  Contact us at parasitecology [at] gmail [dot] com, … Continue readingPress Kit

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If you are a fan of Interrupted Tales and let us know by writing us a review on iTunes and then emailing or DMing it to us on Twitter… then we’d … Continue readingFan Kit

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The latest is: Parasitecology Season One will drop Tuesday, Feb 26 of 2019 with the first TWO full episodes and then a new episode every other Tuesday! Subscribe now before … Continue readingLatest News


Parasitecology is a darkly comic sci-fi audio drama about Javier Duran — a suicidal nerd — and his alien parasite best friend, Cher Gandhi Statham.  After a traumatic episode, the … Continue readingParasitecology