Thank you to everyone who made this season of Parasitecology possible!

Parasitecology is an indie production that relies heavily on free, low-cost, or open source material wherever possible. 

Written and directed by Alan Gallauresi and Rob Trevino
Original music by Alan Gallauresi
Narration by Stacey Frost of Rough Giraffe
Role of Javier performed by Rob Trevino
Role of Cher performed by Alan Gallauresi
Role of Mia performed by Kristen DiMercurio

Script writing done in WriterDuet
Remote recording done in Cast
Foley sounds by Soundsnap
Sound clip editing done in Audacity
Music production and scoring done in Ableton Live
Additional Ableton Live instruments by Puremagnetik and Afro DJ Mac
Episode editing and mixing done in Reaper
Hosted by Podbean

Podcast art contains elements from artists Alashi and
Alexandra Petruk, licensed via iStockPhoto.
“Ad” promo sites icons by Freepik from FlatIcon

Additional musical compositions:

TTS voice of Godfrey from (British English / Brian voice)

Special thanks to our families and friends who put up with this idiotic idea.

Featured photo above by Saketh Garuda on Unsplash * (no endorsement by Brian Regan, et al, offered or implied)

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