Vol. 1, Preface: “Introduction to Interrupted Tales”


Folks, Episode 0 has arrived!  If you don’t know what Interrupted Tales is all about – Interrupted Tales, the show where two friends take turns reading stories to you, the listen, while the other person constantly interrupts – dive in and give a listen to this carefully curated list of moments from the series.  If you think that “a carefully curated list of moments from the series” sounds a lot like a clip show, you can keep it to yourself, ok? Because this is some hand-selected farm-to-table artisanal level of clip selection. 

But it’s not just clips – no!  We also give you vital information about the show, like when it comes out (every week on Tuesday mornings) and provide some episode recommendations to fit your particular genre tastes.   If you like what you hear, go ahead and hit that subscribe button on your favorite podcast player so it arrives without you even having to get onto your sweet little tootsies.  Already a subscriber?  If you could be bothered to sit through a clip show then you’re the type of listener we’d love to leave a review to help even more people learn about Interrupted Tales. Right over here.

Want more Interrupted Tales?  We regularly post cool covers and visuals onto our on Instagram at interruptedtales.  You can also reach us on Twitter @taleinterrupted and join the conversation on Facebook. We love our listeners – thanks for spending story time with us each week.

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