Vol. 1, Chap. 7: “Her Husband”


We “acquire” pumpkins and enjoy a story where we jump to conclusions about what our husbands are doing with far more interesting females.  This week’s story genre: Romance.  It’s time to curl up in your favorite coat and grab a drink while we read you this week’s tale.

It’s 1916 and you are a wife and mother with the perfect life until you receive vague, really vague, incredibly vague rumors about your husband and another woman. Is Tyler Perry making period films now? No, it’s “Her Husband” from Breezy Stories magazine (slogan: “Nothing Too Serious, Keepin’ It Easy”). Romance, a woman spurned, an affair uncovered. Finally, a story that takes a hard-hitting look at life for a woman in a perilous time in history. We kid, of course, women couldn’t even vote, let alone actually be the stars of their own stories! It’s all their in the title, folks. 

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