E029: The Man Who Could Work Miracles


Welcome to a special Super-Sized Sci-Fi Spectacular episode with a Tale from HG Wells!

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In this episode, Rob embarrasses himself at the airport (as usual) and we read a tale from a titan of science fiction, the inventor of the idea of time travel as we know it, the man who predicted Martians could be killed by the common cold (it’s actually HPV, but who wants to give them that?), the one and only HG Wells! The Man Who Could Work Miracles one is a story straight from the Twilight Zone, and we can only assume Wells actually invented a time machine, traveled forward 60-odd years, and came back so he could claim it as his own idea. Let’s see Jules Verne do that!

Anyhoo, to honor Mr. Wells, this episode is a bit longer than most, but you’ll not only receive a delightful parable of a man given the powers of a god, you’ll also get to hear us potentially alienate our British listenership (wih love!) and continue our random beef with places in Florida in the hopes of starting something (we’re willing to trade if anyone lives in Tucson, Detroit, or Binghamton, however). Plus the usual nonsense, jokes about walking sticks, and BIBO! Don’t know about Bibo? One doesn’t really know Bibo, one only experiences Bibo. Bring Bibo into your life, today. To gaze at Bibo is to gaze into the infinite.

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