E040: The Secret of the Invisible Girl


Girl power! Well, invisible girl power. Not THE Invisible Girl power, though. You know what, forget I mentioned it.

Celebrate Rob and Alan’s 40th episode with a quick pitch for the Inspector Poirot Extended Cinematic Universe (“This summer: The Name for Action is Miss Lemon!”) and then learn one of “Doctor Hackensaw’s Secrets.” Who’s that? We don’t know but apparently this author wrote a bunch of these kinds of stories for different magazines through the years. This one is “The Secret of the Invisible Girl” and it will take you from the Old West all the way to deepest Africa, or at least as close to any of those places as an old sci-fi author who does not bother to do research can get. Plus, inventions: Smelling masks! Cameras that can see auras! Bananas! This one has it all!

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