The Rode Procaster Pro: A New Option for Remote Podcast Recording

The new Rode Podcaster Pro – a mixing board, sound recorder, soundboard and USB audio I/O interface all in one

If you’ve read other entries in our podcasting tips, such as
how to create a podcast with remote participants or
how to setup a podcast soundboard , you’ll know that we need several capabilities to run our podcasts:

  • Recording content from people in different geographical locations
  • Live sound bumpers / themes played from a soundboard to minimize editing
  • Isolated multi-track recording to allow track specific editing before mixing.

We’re fans of Rode products here. I absolutely love my Rode PSA-1 mic boom arm – it is a noticeable quality upgrade over cheaper boom arms with creaky external springs. So when Rode recently came out with this product, we were interested in the potential to replace a host of software and hardware with this single integrated device.

As of writing, this pretty gorgeous looking piece of kit goes for a hefty $599, but consider that it includes:

  • A pre-amp, mixer and audio interface with 4 XLR inputs, such as the $150 Behringer UMC404HD, one of the cheaper 4 input interfaces
  • A MicroSD recorder like a standalone TASCAM DR-40, or somethign like the $300 Zoom R8 which also has the capabilities of #1 above.
  • A physical soundboard like you might use an Elgato StreamDeck for (like we do!)
  • A way to get remote participants in via Bluetooth streaming direct from the phone to the mixer with mix-minus audio – very cool.
  • A big old red recording button. Does that seem stupid? Well, let me tell you — I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on the internet trying to figure out how to get a big old red recording button to light up when we record in Cast so I have a big old red light staring in my face that says “yes, you are definitely recording.” So, it doesn’t seem stupid to me!

It’s a slick and tempting package filled with lights, sliders and LED displays — so… is it for us at Oh, the Humanity? As much as I am envious every time I see images of it floating around, probably not as of now. Originally Rode announced the Podcaster Pro without multitrack support, which was a pretty glaring omission that seemed to make it only appropriate for live recordings, or podcasts with absolutely minimal editing. They’ve since announced that multitrack will be supported soon. That opens up the Podcaster Pro to a much larger sphere of podcasters.

Unfortunately, remote connectivity still remains an audio issue. Yes, you can easily Bluetooth in a phone call, which sounds… like a phone call, because it is. But if you’ve got a local 1 to 4 mic setup, and only need that functionality for occasional call-ins, and are in the market for an all-in-one offline recording + audio interface and mixer with soundboard and a BIG OLE RED RECORDING BUTTON – go ahead and check out the Rode Procaster Pro.

Look at that REC button!

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