E057: Have Your Past Read, Mister?


We hope you enjoyed last week’s release of our new darkly comic sci-fi audio drama, Parasitecology, but this week Interrupted Tales returns with futuristic fortune tellers who don’t tell your past or future. Instead they tell what might have been if you had chosen a different path! Don’t worry, though, your life is still lousy. Ah, well. From Startling Stories magazine from 1955 comes a story with punctuation that will surely break our RSS links: “Have Your Past Read, Mister?”

Plus there’s a really gross bit about toenails. I mean, that’s worth listening to right there.

A reminder on scheduling: Our next episode will in exactly two weeks. On the in-between weeks we are releasing Parasitecology. If you want us every week you have two great ways to get us! If you don’t want us any weeks well, frankly, I’m surprised you read this far. We’ll be back weekly after Parasitecology’s 14-episode run. To learn more about Parasitecology, visit our website https://ohthehumanity.com or search in any podcatcher. 

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