Vol. 1, Chap. 13: “Two Weeks in August”


This episode, Rob finally lulls his toddler (and Alan) to sleep with the hypnotic power of European tractor stories and then we dive into the future of annoying coworkers and space tourism. Boy, if that isn’t a thrilling prospect for Fifties sci-fi hilarity, I don’t know what is!

Another science-fiction story from the glory days of yore, “Two Weeks in August” combines all the adventure of being forced into coworker conversations with looking in a phone book. Yep, seriously, that’s pretty much it. Plus pastrami sandwiches! Trust us, it all comes together as we read a highlight from the February, 1951 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction and sprinkle our usual jokes and nonsense about. 

It’s time to curl up in your favorite space fishing boat and grab your favorite drink as we read you this week’s tale.

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