Chapter 27: The Clean Man and the Dirty Angels


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In this week’s chugging adventure: Rob and Alan discuss their brackets for Mundane Madness (always bet on binder clip!) and we read a story of a godly railroad man and the fallen women he believes are beyond saving. If you’re looking for puritanical thinking and old-timey deep voices saying “t’ain’t right” a lot, well, you’re looking for some strangely specific things, but we have got you covered!

This Tale is from Stories of the Railroad published in 1899 by John A. Hill (1899’s Slogan: “19-hundred-zero-zero, party over, wait, plenty of time”). John A. Hill was not only a railroad engineer, he became the “Hill” in McGraw-Hill publishing and a titan of our time! Just think of all the SAT prep books we owe to his writings in Locomotive Engineer magazine.

Get ready to ride the rails in this story of adventure and learn a lot about the economics of late 19th century dance halls! So grab your favorite bottle of hooch and curl up in your parlor car while we read you this week’s tale.

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