E033: Interrupted Tales LIVE – The Failure


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Well, it finally happened. We had our first LIVE show recently as part of the Livestream for the Cure (you can still give at livestreamforthecure.com and tell them we sent you)! We raised over $300 for cancer research, which was matched and part of a tremendous event that raised over $10,000 in total donations! 

To celebrate, we present to you, the listener, an episode captured from the livestream. If you’ve wanted to hear the chaos that interrupting a tale live combined with a challenge or curse for each donation made can create, well then, we’ve got the episode for you! This week’s tale is from the August, 1922 issue of The Black Mask magazine and it’s a tale of crime, someone really nervous about committing a crime, and middle management. Mostly, though, it’s about making Rob and Alan do silly things to help us juice up our donations.

Fair warning, the sound is a little off at times. We were using a different streaming tool than usual so some sentences come in late and we edited off a single input so some of the levels will be off. Alas, there was only so much we could do, but here it is, warts and all! But as my father never said, warts make the toad. So we have that going for us! 

So join us for a little something different. Grab your favorite drink, curl up on your favorite office chair, and get ready for this week’s very different, very live tale!

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