S01E08: Living in a House Divided


EPISODE #8 of Parasitecology! As Javier and Cher search for a smell-based means to avoid detection from murderbots and whatever else may come their way, cracks begin to form in the trust they’ve built up. A cloud of depression hangs over our heroes and something tells me that a visit to Javier’s old work to pick up a paycheck may prove to be more dramatic than either expects. Can Javier and Cher survive the terror that is Huggy Jeff? Find out in this episode: “Living in a House Divided!”

Parasitecology is a darkly comic SF audiodrama about a suicidal nerd and his alien parasite best friend. Each episode is specially crafted by artisanal comedy writers and frozen immediately after picking to preserve flavor.

Please note: While Parasitecology is a comedy, it incorporates the serious and, for us, highly personal topic of mental health, including dealing with anxiety, depression and suicide. If you or a loved one is at risk of self-harm, please: get help and call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Parasitecology was created by Alan Gallauresi and Rob Trevino, who also created Interrupted Tales, a weekly podcast where one of them reads a vintage or pulp story while the other person constantly interrupts.  

All of their podcasts can be found at https://ohthehumanity.com.

Written and directed by Alan Gallauresi and Rob Trevino
Original music by Alan Gallauresi
Narration by Stacey Frost of Rough Giraffe (https://roughgiraffe.podbean.com/)
Role of Javier performed by Rob Trevino
Role of Cher performed by Alan Gallauresi

Full credits at http://parasitecology.com

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